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The son of a British army officer, Alan moved to Rhodesia with his parents shortly before his fourteenth birthday. As a child he performed in various school musical activities but harboured no pretensions of being anything more than ordinary. He learnt to play guitar at fifteen and, after completing his schooling  trained and worked as a radiographer. As a hobby he sang in local pubs and hotels. It was during this period that Alan realized that he had a three-octave range in his voice. He Joined a band in Bulawayo (see TABBRON TRIO) and  Geoff Tabbron penned their first seven single, a song called “Coloured Rain”. It scored an immediate success,  this tune as it raced up the Rhodesian record charts, peaking at Number 2.
With gathering confidence in his musical prospects, Alan gave up his occupation as a radiographer and landed a job as the resident vocalist at the Swaziland Holiday Inn in 1972. The well-known Peter Lotis of Gallo records heard Alan perform at this venue and offered Alan a recording contract. At Peter’s suggestion Alan recorded “Put Your Hand In The Hand” and the song achieved instant success, quickly dominating the local charts. It also made Alan a household name. The song topped the Springbok Top 20 for four weeks and the Rhodesian charts for five. This run at No 1 started on 5 June 1971.
In 1971 he was presented the Springbok Award as South Africa’s ‘Most Promising Male Vocalist’. In September 1971, his first album predictably entitled “Put Your Hand in the Hand” was released.
His next chart success, “I Need Someone”, held the record for over ten years as the song with the longest chart run on Springbok Radio’s Top 20 hit parade. It spent 33 weeks on the charts between June 1972 and January 1973. This song – which peaked at No 2 on Springbok’s Top 20 – earned him two Gold Discs, as well as the 1972 SARI Award as ‘Best Song of the Year’. In 1973, he won that year’s award for ‘Best Album of the Year’, as well as the SARI Award for ‘Best Male Vocalist’.
“Home Isn’t Home Anymore” was Alan’s next chart entry, spending 16 weeks on Springbok’s Top 20, peaking at No 5 in 1973. In December 1973, he released his third album, “Goodbye Mama”, which peaked at No 15 in January 1974, spending 7 weeks on the Top 20. The single, “Give Me Back My Woman”, from this album reached No 9 in the Top 20 in April 1974, and was present on the charts for 10 weeks. In November 1974, he released the album “Words and Music” having composed all the songs and lyrics.
In 1975 he won his second SARI Award as ‘Best Male Vocalist’ and succeeded in getting yet another song onto the charts – “She’s My Woman”. This release reached No 15.
In 1976, Alan’s acting skills came to the fore when he took the lead role of Joseph in PACT’s ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”, performing alongside well known artists such as Richard Loring, Jody Wayne and Alvin Collison. This production toured extensively throughout South Africa and Rhodesia.
Hit singles continued to accumulate with “Santa Maria” reaching No 4 on the Springbok Top 20 in 1981, spending 11 weeks on the charts. Once again, in 1981, he garnered the SARI Awards for ‘Best Male Vocalist’, as well as ‘Best Top Twenty Artist’. In April, 1982, he entered the charts with “You Stood By Me” which reached No 18.



Put Your Hand In The Hand (1971)
The Dream Waltz (1971)
Somehow, Somewhere (1971)
I Need Someone (1971)
If I Tried (1971)
Till The Rivers All Run Dry (1972)
Home Isn’t Home Anymore (1972)
I’ll Have To Dream (1973)
Goodbye Mama (1973)
Give Me Back My Woman (1974)
Look What You’ve Done (1974)
She’s My Woman (1975)
Sunshine In My World (1976)
You’re Losing Me (1980)
Santa Maria (1981)
You Stood By Me (1982)
Oh Louisa (1982)


Put Your Hand In The Hand (1971)
I Need Someone (1972) (including 4 original compositions)
Goodbye Mama (1973) ) (including 4 original compositions)
Alan Garrity amp; Pat Matthews (1973)
Words amp; Music (1974) (All original compositions)
Feelings (1976) ) (including 4 original compositions)
Santa Maria (1981) Santa Maria (1981)
A Song For You (1982) (Compilation)
Christmas With Alan Garrity (1985) (Recorded in The UK)
The World of Alan Garrity (1986)
Licensed To Sing (1989) (including 2 original compositions)
A Portrait Of Alan Garrity (1997 and 2009)
My Wonderful friends (2010)

*Beach House In The Blue Mountains (2014)

Alan’s music has been released in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

His songs have been covered by artists such as Steve  Hofmeyer, Patricia Lewis, Gerry Pretorius in South Africa and Mark Ronder in Holland  to name  but a few.
He continues to be featured in compilation CD’s in South Africa year after year.
The latest CD (My Wonderful Friends) has now been completed  for Fantasia Music in South Africa and released and distributed  through Universal Music.


Alan Has just completed another CD with Jurie Els in South Africa called ‘Beach House in the Blue Mountains’ due for release end of February 2014.


Alan is now completing a CD and will be introducing his daughter Eden, she will be featured on two tracks, one solo, and one as a duet with Alan.


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  1. Bella Tuckett says:

    Alan tried getting through on my cell, but no luck!! Thanks for sharing those wonderful sons with your fans!!

    You are still so hot looking as ever!!! Take care and God Bless.

  2. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Bella Do you mean ‘Sons’ or ‘Songs’ LOL. And thank you for the compliment.
    Best wishes ,

  3. Bella Tuckett says:

    Hi there Alan
    Little typegraphical sweety!!! I meant sharing your SONGS with your fans!!
    Really hope you will be singing in Durban!!
    Do you know what your schedule will be as yet?
    Who is bringing you out or are you doing this on your own?
    Take care!!
    Much love, Bella

  4. Bella Tuckett says:

    Keep well and keep safe!!

  5. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Bella, I will be coming to Durban. Do not know if I will be doing any shows there yet. I am paying for this trip. Best wishes

  6. mauritz says:

    hi alan,
    there was a german rock and roll song that was quite a favourit in the 70’s. Did you sing it , if not do you know who did? it will take some time for me to remember what the title was!

  7. Alan Garrity says:

    Let me know when you have the title.

  8. Rudi de Witt says:

    Hi Alan. just want to tell you my whole family especially my mom is a big fan. you have an amazing voice.

  9. Phil Johnson says:

    Hi Alan

    I am a huge fan. The first song I ever sang in front of people was “I need someone”.
    You have an amazing voice and I so wish I could meet you.
    Caroline du Preez is one of my best friends and she told me a lot about you.
    I have a question. You did a single called “Eagle” or “Eagle in the sky” that was on the flip side of the seven single “Santa Maria”.
    I love that song and I want it so badly. Where can I buy it?

    Keep well and God bless you!!


  10. Michelle Steele says:

    Hi Alan
    When you played at the Holiday Inn in Swaziland (Lugogo if memory serves me well) did you not perform under the name Alan Garrit. I have your autograph dated 27 November 1970. Needless to say I was only 10.!!!

    I’m sure you changed your name to Garritty after that! Please confirm.

    Michelle Steele

  11. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Michelle,My name has always been Garrity. Maybe some one forgot to put the ‘Y’ on it LOL

  12. Alan Garrity says:

    Sorry Phil, Maybe Gallo records could help you, I really do not know where you could get it. Good Luck.

  13. Janet says:

    Hi Alan
    I would like to know where I can buy your music of the 70’s from. I live in the UK and can not find anything here

  14. Avis Smit says:

    Hi. I am llooking for the album you sang with Pat Matthews. Help.

  15. Alan Garrity says:

    Sorry Avis, I can’t help you there, Try GALLO RECORDS in JHB.

  16. Brian Sidwell says:

    Hi Alan, Do you know where Pat Mathews is now? When I was in Bulawayo I dated her at the wrong time, as her mother wanted Pat to concentrate on her singing, and was due to record with you. I do have that LP, which I treasure, and often play your Hand in the Hand at disco’s I perform with my son. We wish you the very best for now and the future,
    Brian Sidwell

  17. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Brian, I shall pass your message on, If I get a reply I will send it to you. Cheers

  18. Colleen says:

    Hi Alan, I sincerely hope you can help me. I have always been a fan. During our moved from Bulawayo to South Africa most of our records were broken, I was delighted when you released your ‘My Wonderful Friends’ cd. However I can’t find a recording of your song Welcome Home, I thought I would find and purchase the song on iTunes but it isn’t listed on their library. Could you please let me know where I could get this song. Thank You regards Colleen

  19. Alan Garrity says:

    go Here Colleen, You should be able to DL it. Best wishes.

  20. Jacques Mostert says:


    Where can I get She’s a woman..? Is it available somewhere..?

    Please help

    Jacques: Sunny BUT cold Cape Town

  21. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Jacques, It was by Neil Herbert, you will find it here.

  22. Engela James says:

    Hi Alan,
    I don’t think you will remember me as I am going back many many years. I met you in Kempton Park in 1965/66 just after you came to South Africa with a friend from the UK ( can’t remember his name). You were So young and played in a band with Chris Prinsloo. I was a friend of his sister, Ann. I was an Afrikaans girl who couldn’t speak a word of English. Congatultions with your most succesful singing career. Engela

  23. Alan Garrity says:

    Dear Engela, believe it or not, I do remember you. Thank you for the kind words. DO you know what has happened to the Prinsloo Family? Also,are you on Facebook?

  24. Engela James says:

    Hi Alan, yes I am on facebook.

  25. Alan Garrity says:

    Which one are you Engela? LOL. Please send me a request, that is if you want to of course. Best wishes.

  26. Engela James says:

    ???? Tha cat

  27. Kerstin says:

    Hi Alan, met you while you were in Palaborwa at the Impala Inn. We both were born on the 14th of October. Take care. Kerstin

  28. Alan Garrity says:

    hi Kerstin, A bit more info would help LOL

  29. Kerstin says:

    Hi Alan, thank you for the reply. I worked at the reception of the Impala Inn.before reception I helped out at the Cocktail bar. I think during your stay I decided to go to Rhodesia, but I am not sure. It might help to mention that I am German. The year must have been either 1971 or early 1972. Kind regards, Kerstin

  30. Alan Garrity says:

    hi Kersten, Have messaged you. Cheers.

  31. Graeme McPhee says:

    I am trying to replace an album of yours called Feelings. My father picked it up in South West Africa in mid 70s, when he worked there for a year. Age and over playing has worn out the tape. It would make his year.

    I have tried everywhere and even ebay and amazon and other web sites have failed me. Can you help.

    Graeme McPhee
    Aberdeen, Scotland

  32. Alan Garrity says:

    Sorry Graeme, I really don’t know where you would get a copy, I personally do not have one but good luck you in trying to find one.

  33. Alan Garrity says:

    Sorry Graeme, I really don’t know where you can get. Maybe ask someone on Facebook? Cheers

  34. Kerstin says:

    Good Morning Alan, did you receive the pic re Phalaborwa and Impala Inn? I am not an expert re computer science so just let me know, thanks and regards, Kerstin

  35. N de Kock says:

    Hi Alan your song i need someone. In which film was it used?


  36. Alan Garrity says:

    I really Don’t know Mari. I did write the title song for the movie ‘Gold Squad’

  37. Wikus Eksteen says:

    Hi Alan,
    The first time a saw you was at the Victoria Hotel (1972) and the last time and KKNK. Oudtshoorn a few years ago. I have eight of your old long play on cd with most of your hits. I also have three cd’s. Did you move back to the UK?. How come you and Jurie made a cd. together? Thanks for your music, you are still the best

  38. Stella says:

    Hi Alan, just listened to “I need someone” on iTunes and remembered my mom and dad. You had a beautiful voice .

  39. Alan Garrity says:

    thank you very much Stella..

  40. Ina Rowles says:

    Hi Allan i think back with good memories with you on joseph tour to Rhodesia i think it wss 1976 i was part of choir ina roeles

  41. Ina Rowles says:

    Hi Allan some spelling error it is ina Rowles re Joseph tour

  42. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Ina, very good memories indeed. Hope you are well.

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