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Winter coming again, oh well, batten down the hatches. Hope you all have had a great year up til now. I am still working on the CD but hopefully will have it finished by Christmas.


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  1. Jenni Peinke says:

    Hey Alan, I love the site. When are you coming back to SA? Don’t forget to come visit x

  2. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Jenny, Thank you for the kind words. I shall of course let you know when I shall be coming back to SA. I hope you are all well. Josh must be very big by now.

  3. Sue Airth says:

    Hi Alan, I had a copy of your rendition of Joseph, it has been lost for a while and I wondered if you still have any copies of your version of the musical. I have a copy of the UK musical but it is not nearly as good as yours is. Please let me know where I can buy it. Thanks, Sue.

  4. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Sue, I honestly could not tell you where to get a copy. Have you googled it? I have two songs from Joseph on my ‘Feeling’ LP but again. I don’t think it is available any more. You might be able to find them online. Best wishes

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