Welcome to my new home page. 

First I would like to wish you all a fantastic New Year, may 2017 be something special for you.

It seems like only yesterday that armed with just a guitar and an amazing amount of ignorance I embarked on a singing career.

30CDs and numerous ‘singles’ later and I still do not know what I am doing! For anyone trying to ‘crack’ show business, it is as hard today as ever it was in the past. No matter how much talent you have, if you do not have the luck of being in the right place at the right time, it is going to be heartbreaking. You know you have the  talent but somehow you can not get started, there is no easy way, you just have to keep plugging on. Not everyone is going to ‘make it’ but the ones that do, are the people that never gave up. Develop a thick skin and go for it, who knows?; the next ‘big thing’ could be you.


I have had a very busy year writing and recording when I can, now am editing what will be my last CD. Will chat to you all soon. I am also going to be selling the new CD from this site when I have it set up, but in the mean while i have put an old video on the left as you can see, I wonder how many of you remember it?












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  1. Robb Ellis says:

    Hi Alan.

    It was wonderful to meet you in person at JB12, brilliant to hear you sing on the Saturday evening and fantastic to find your website and be able to listen to your songs.

    Thank you so much!

    Take care.

  2. Alan Garrity says:

    It was super meeting you Rob, Thank you for the kind words, I hope you enjoy the songs. I shall be posting more as time goes by. Cheers.

  3. Lyn van Niekerk says:

    Hi Alan, love your new website. I knew you in Phalaborwa but I don’t expect you to remember me. Thanks for letting us download some of your music. It brings back some great memories. God Bless and all the best for your website. May it go from strength to strength.

  4. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Lyn, If I do not have a pic, I really do not remember you LOL! But thank you for the kind thoughts.

  5. Brenda Bowerman says:

    Hi Alan love your new website thank you so much for letting us download your songs. Wow they bring back some wonderful memories for me when I lived in Bulawayo. God Bless take care. Big hugs Brenda x

  6. Louise Smith says:

    was far too shy to actually come up and meet you, but know you well from Bulawayo days, you were always there for the troopie shows, mayor xmas cheer shows and at some of the night clubs we frequented in our youth…….

  7. Alida Lottering says:

    Hi Alan, been a big fan of yours since Rhodie days. Still collect all your music as in the past. Good luck with your new web site and will definately be around to see and download your postings. Inspiration and hard work and believing in oneself gets a person to where you are now. Best wishes

  8. Alan Garrity says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments.
    Best wishes

  9. Brendon Cairns says:

    All I can say is that ‘You bring back the memories’. Please keep it up

  10. Gareth Kneale says:

    Hello Alan, I have downloaded your songs. I am still on track to promote music artists (old and new, or still kicking like you). Cheers for now

  11. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Gareth, Glad to hear that, please let me know if anything comes up tour wise for me.

  12. Ann Bampa says:

    Hi Alan! Just dropped in to see what you’re up to 🙂 All the best with all your exciting new projects. You are DYNAMITE!

  13. Alan Garrity says:

    Thank you Ann, I am still working on it. Hopefully will find time soon to finish the site.

  14. Ann Bampa says:

    Happy Birthday, Alan! I hope you have a smashing day. Lots of love

  15. Alan Garrity says:

    Thank you so much Ann, I really appreciate it. stay well.

  16. Martin Jansen says:

    Hi Alan, the last time I heard your name was on SA Spieël in a matiny show in the 70’s when you sang “I need someone (to lean on)” and how I loved that song. Still sing it every once in a while. Good to see you are still at it.God bless. Martin Jansen

  17. Alan Garrity says:

    Thank you for you kind words Martin, Go well.

  18. Leonie Port says:

    Hi Al, what a super website. This is the first time I have visited it. Lovely pic of you …. and of course you are still the best singer EVER EVER to have graced South Africa !! Wishing you all the best.

  19. Hendrik says:

    Hi Alan. I am living in the Vaal Triangle. Where can I buy your CD’s?

  20. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Hennie, Try CNA or Musica.

  21. Bruce Leitch says:

    Hi Alan,I love all your songs from being a young child.Home isn’t home anymore and Santa Maria,Why just to mention a few.I’d buy the seven singles.thankyou.God bless bruce

  22. Bruce Leitch says:

    Are you still living in South Africa,would love to hear you perform live or meet you in person.Your music is brillant

  23. Alan Garrity says:

    Thank you Bruce for the kind words.
    Stay well and best wishes.

  24. sidney says:

    Hi Alan, always been a great admirer of your music and pure voice. The recipe of a great song is meaningful lyrics conveyed by a great voice supported by a simple tune! Put your Hand in the Hand stands up there on par with If (of David Dates fame). Hope one day you get to Cape Town and perform those hits again!

  25. sidney says:

    oops… meant David Gates

  26. Alan Garrity says:

    Thank you Sidney, I really do not know when I shall be in CT, but will keep everyone posted. Cheers

  27. Tony Inggs says:

    Hi Alan
    Just been going through the old songs from the 70,s and came across some real memories thank you for the great music and great to see that you are still around. Over in Aussie now miss the good old 70`s
    Do you ever get over seas ?

  28. Alan Garrity says:

    Have a very Happy Christmas everyone, I have been travelling all year and have just finished another CD with Jurie Els in South Africa which will hopefully be released in March next year or sooner. I shall also be releasing a Solo CD of mine with 9 new original tracks on it in about June.

    Have a great New Year.
    Warmest best wishes

  29. DAWN says:

    Hi there Alan

    So great to find your site. I was such a fan of urs when I was a teenager and was thrilled to meet u at Elizabeth Hotel in Sea Point Cape Town with my mom. Now a mom myself of girls of 21 and 26.
    God richly bless u and keep ur eyes on Jesus always.


  30. Hi Alan,
    I stay in Durbanville in Cape Town
    Many years back I had a couple of your LP’s Now I am trying to buy at least 2 of your CD’s but it seems a lost cause. I ordered from Musica in Tygervalley your CD’s “I need Someone” and “My wonderful Friends., more than a month ago, I went into the shop about 2 weeks ago, it was not even on order. Then I ordered it from the Musica shop in Cape Gate , but they also cannot find that it was ordered.
    Please let me know where I can order it from.
    Franci Westraad


  31. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi Franci, If you Google the titles, you will find the records. Try Kalahari.com

  32. John says:

    Was it the Victoria hotel where you used to sing in the late 60’s early 70’s?

  33. Alan Garrity says:

    Yes it was John.

  34. Rolf Holmback says:

    Hello Alan, just came to think about you. Those where the days when you use to play at The Victoria Hotel in the bar in Johannesburg. The year was in the early 70 th
    The song that came to my mind was my butterfly!
    Just to say you got one of the best voice! A voice i never forget!
    My name is Rolf living in Sweden

  35. Alan Garrity says:

    thank you Rolf, I have recorded that track (butterfly) on the CD called ‘Beach House In The Blue Mountains” Stay well.

  36. john dennis says:

    Hello alan,
    i was introduced to you through a good friend DONNA AFRICA THOMPSON via facebook. I remember most of your hits back then, love your music!
    I still live in ZIM and have recently made live my music web site (jdmusic.co) and hope to get a deal or have my music played on commercial radio eg ~ simon parkinson.If you ever have any time, i would love you to listen to the music and put in a good word for me if ever the opportunity arises.

    Regards john (dennis)

  37. john dennis says:

    Hello alan,
    i wrote to you above, but my site is down at the moment, be back soon i hope, if you ever do visit my site you could also try (jdmusic.co zimbabwe) there are other jdmusic`s out there, can you believe it!


  38. Alan Garrity says:

    Hi John, best of luck with your music, it is as I am sure you know, a very hard business. I myself am just about to slowly wind down. I live in the UK, so unfortunately cannot be of much help to you, but I really do hope you’crack it’. As for radio, phone the stations, I have found them them to be very helpful. Cheers ,Alan

  39. Alan Garrity says:

    Will try to do so John.

  40. Winifred Pool says:

    Lovely website. Always been your greatest fan. Happy journey.

  41. Alan Garrity says:

    thank you so much Winifred I really do appreciate your support. Best wishes.

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